Printing services are available to local artists and photographers.  Printing is done on professional grade printers with archival, pigmented inks.  An Epson Stylus Pro 7890 (pictured), with a print width of 24 inches, does wide format printing and a 17 inch Epson R5000 does smaller jobs.  Both printers take sheet and roll media.

Giclée (zhee-KLAY) prints are the highest quality prints obtainable today.  For that designation, the digital image must have a resolution of 300 pixels/inch, the media must be archival, fine art quality (acid free) and the printing must be done with pigmented ink following proper color management procedures.  To maximize fade resistance.

Media and Pricing
I stock various papers and canvases as demand dictates.  Prices are based on media used.  Sheet media is priced by size.  Roll media is priced by length of media used.  The following table shows the various media and prices:

Loose Prints
  Fine Art
  Velvet Smooth Watercolor Canvas Varnish
Sheet Per Sheet
8½"x11" 7.00 +5.00
11"x14" 11.00 +5.00
13"x19" 15.00 +5.00
17"x22" 17.00 +5.00
Roll Per Inch Used
1" 1.00 +0.25

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints may be delivered loose or gallery wrapped.  Loose canvas prints are priced in the table above.  Canvases may be "varnished" to give them a rich, satin finish and to protect them from humidity, UV rays and wear.

Since the sides of a gallery wrap show, the canvas is extended on all for sides usually by mirroring the image's edges. 

Gallery wrapped prints are priced based on the face dimensions (not including sides) according to the table below:

Canvas Gallery Wraps


10 11 12 14 16 18 20 24 30


8 39.00





11 41.00 46.00


12 42.00 47.00 52.00


14 43.00 51.00




16 45.00 55.00 60.00 65.00 75.00


18 47.00 58.00 63.00


78.00 88.00 98.00          
20 48.00 58.00 64.00 69.00 79.00




24 51.00 61.00 66.00 71.00 81.00







57.00 67.00 72.00 77.00 87.00 97.00 107.00 117.00 137.00 167.00    


62.00 72.00 77.00 82.00 92.00 103.00 113.00 123.00 143.00 174.00 205.00  


74.00 85.00 91.00 97.00 108.00 120.00 131.00 143.00 166.00 200.00 235.00 304.00

There is a 10% surcharge for superior-grade stretcher bars when the long dimension is less than 24 inches.

Flat Art Reproduction

Reproduction of original flat art may be done on two levels.  You may (1) photograph the original yourself and supply the image for printing or (2) have me produce the image file.

In the first case, unless you have performed careful editing using a calibrated monitor, your image will not closely match the original.  Nevertheless, you may be surprised by the beautiful prints you get.  This is the cheapest route, as you will only pay for the printing service.

Alternatively, I can photograph the original and edit it so printed copies closely match the original.  A perfect match is not possible, but the result will be very close and in most cases you will not notice the difference.  This involves photographing your art then editing the image for exposure, contrast and color saturation until it matches the original.  The price for this service is $25.  After that, if you want to take it further, there is an iterative process of proofing and tweaking to achieve the closest printed match possible.  The fee is $45 to this point.  Keep in mind that this one time expense is spread over all the prints you will make from the resulting image.  Also, it is my policy that these images are your property.  You may have the high resolution files at any time.  Since the object is to please you, I encourage you initially to follow me through the process to see the service you are purchasing.  Later, you will not feel the need be present.

Image Resolution

Image resolution is important for quality results.  300 pixels/inch is needed for professional grade prints.  However, 240 pixelsl/inchmay be acceptable.  For example, an 8x10 inch print needs a 2400x3000 pixel file.  But, a 1920x2400 pixel file may produce acceptable results.  An iPhone 6 takes 3024x4032 pixel images.  Dividing by 300 or 240 indicates that those images will produce high quality prints up to 10x14 inches or acceptable results up to about 12x16 inches.


Be sure to call, message or email for an appointment.

Jim Hendrix